Please send me sand samples - Thank you

Would you like to support my sand collection?

Do you go on holiday and could bring me some sand?

Do you know somebody going on holiday, who could bring me sand?

Then send me your sand samples!

What kind of sands I am looking for?

I do not care, if your sand is from small river near your hometown, lake, beach, desert, mountain, sea ground or from a tiny island in the pacific. Sand is Sand. Of course it is nice to have a sand sample from an exotic country like Bhutan, but sand from a river in the Black Forest is also excellent! No matter what kind of sand you do have, I am always happy for every sand sample.

Where to send the sand?

Send me an E-Mail with some information about your sand samples and I will get in contact with you. Thank you very much!

How much is the minimum amount of each sand sample?

The minimum amount is the size of a full Kodak film box (30 ml). You can send me more of course, if you would like.

If you do send me many different kinds of sand samples, I will be very thankfull ;-) The more different sand samples, the faster my sand collection will grow.

How to send sand?

You will find a Packing Workshop on my homepage, how to pack and send Sand Samples. This is the easiest and safest way.

It is more important to write down, what kind of sand sample it is. That should look like more less the following:

Sand sample Nr. 7
Country: Germany
County/Region (if possible): Baden-W├╝rttemberg
City: Heidelberg
Place of discovery:
(River, Lake, Beach, Desert, ...)
River Neckar
Additional Information: Collected under the "Old Bridge"
Collectors Name: Daniel Helber
Collecting Date: August 2012

You have sent me sand, but can not find it here on the homepage. Why?

Sometimes, things take longer ... your sand will be online some time ;-)