Sand samples from Bermuda

North America
(North America)
Territory of
United Kingdom

Bermuda Islands


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7 Sand samples from Bermuda, North America
Nr.CodeRegionPlace of discoveryWaters, mountain, desert, ...TypePic
5713BM-DEDevonshireCox's Bay, Pink Beach North Atlantic OceanBeach 
 BM-HAHamilton ----- ----- ----- 
 BM-HCHamilton municipality ----- ----- ----- 
878BM-PAPagetCoral Beach North Atlantic OceanBeachSand Collection - Sand from Bermuda
944BM-PAPagetElbow Beach North Atlantic OceanBeachSand Collection - Sand from Bermuda
5668BM-PAPagetGrape Bay North Atlantic OceanBeach 
 BM-PEPembroke ----- ----- ----- 
 BM-SGSaint George municipality ----- ----- ----- 
 BM-SCSaint George's ----- ----- ----- 
 BM-SASandys ----- ----- ----- 
 BM-SMSmiths ----- ----- ----- 
3859BM-SOSouthamptonChurch Bay Park, Church Bay North Atlantic OceanBeach 
3858BM-SOSouthamptonWarwick Long Beach, Horseshoe Bay North Atlantic OceanBeach 
2694BM-WAWarwickWarwick Long Beach, South Shore Park North Atlantic OceanBeach 
* The exact information is the "place of discovery description". The coordinates are only for information and only show the possible place of discovery of the sand.