Sand samples from Luxembourg

(Western Europe)

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Groussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg

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13 Sand samples from Luxembourg, Europe
Nr.CodeRegionPlace of discoveryWaters, mountain, desert, ...TypePic
6489LU-DIDiekirchPratz River RoudbaachRiver 
6272LU-GR-REGrevenmacher, RéimechAltwies River GanderRiver 
4777LU-GR-ENGrevenmacher, IechternachBerdorf, from rocks in forest Forest 
795LU-GR-ENGrevenmacher, IechternachEchternach River Sûre (River Sauer)RiverSand Collection - Sand from Luxembourg
681LU-GR-ENGrevenmacher, IechternachEchternach Lake EchternachLakeSand Collection - Sand from Luxembourg
377LU-GR-MPGrevenmacher, MompechMompach-Born River Sûre/SauerRiverSand Collection - Sand from Luxembourg
889LU-GRGrevenmacherRemerschen-Schengen River MoselRiverSand Collection - Sand from Luxembourg
791LU-GR-WLGrevenmacher, WaldbëllegWaldbillig-Mullerthal River Schwarze ErnzWaterfallSand Collection - Sand from Luxembourg
798LU-GR-WLGrevenmacher, WaldbëllegWaldbillig-Mullerthal River Schwarze Ernz, Waterfall SchiessentümpelWaterfallSand Collection - Sand from Luxembourg
2736LU-GRGrevenmacherWellenstein (Bech-Kleinmacher) River MoselRiver 
6500LU-LU-EALuxembourg, Esch-UelzechtEsch-sur-Alzette River AlzetteRiver 
6501LU-LU-KTLuxembourg, KopleschtKopstal-Bridel, Biergerkraeiz Sandpit 
6502LU-LU-LXLuxembourg, LëtzebuergLuxembourg-Dommeldange River AlzetteRiver 
* The exact information is the "place of discovery description". The coordinates are only for information and only show the possible place of discovery of the sand.