Sand samples from Mauritius

(East Africa)

Republic of Mauritius

Republique de Maurice / Republic of Mauritius

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50 Sand samples from Mauritius, Africa
Nr.CodeRegionPlace of discoveryWaters, mountain, desert, ...TypePic
 MU-AGAgalega Islands ----- ----- ----- 
6676MU-BLBlack RiverChamarel, Black River Gorges National Park, Terres des Couleurs (Seven Coloured Earth in Chamarel) Inland 
5588MU-BLBlack RiverChamarel, Black River Gorges National Park, Terres des Couleurs (Seven Coloured Earth in Chamarel) Riviere du Cap , Waterfall ChamarelWaterfall 
5586MU-BLBlack RiverFlic en Flac-Wolmar, Hotel La Pirogue, Flic En Flach Beach Indian OceanBeach 
2702MU-BLBlack RiverFlic en Flac-Wolmar, Sugar Beach Resort, Flic En Flach Beach (sample 1) Indian OceanBeach 
7205MU-BLBlack RiverFlic en Flac-Wolmar, Sugar Beach Resort, Flic En Flach Beach (sample 2) Indian OceanBeach 
6249MU-BLBlack RiverFlic en Flac, Flic en Flac Beach Indian OceanBeach 
7502MU-BLBlack RiverIle Aux Bénitiers (SW tip of island) Indian OceanBeach 
2713MU-BLBlack RiverLe Morne, Brabant Beach Indian OceanBeach 
6786MU-BLBlack RiverTamarin, Bahía de Tamarin (sample 1) Indian OceanBeach 
7499MU-BLBlack RiverTamarin, Bahía de Tamarin (sample 2) Indian OceanBeach 
3740MU-BLBlack RiverTamarin, Tamarin Public Beach, Bahía de Tamarin Indian OceanBeach 
 MU-CCCargados Carajos ----- ----- ----- 
6609MU-FLFlacqIsland Cerfs (Île aux Cerfs), south tip of island (S of golf course) Indian OceanBeach 
510MU-FLFlacqIsland Cerfs (Île aux Cerfs), unknown location (sample 1) Indian OceanBeachSand Collection - Sand from Mauritius
6247MU-FLFlacqIsland Cerfs (Île aux Cerfs), unknown location (sample 2) Indian OceanBeach 
5835MU-FLFlacqPalmar, Palmar Public Beach Indian OceanBeach 
2349MU-FLFlacqPoste de Flacq, Hotel Le Coco Beach Indian OceanBeachSand Collection - Sand from Mauritius
6833MU-FLFlacqQuatre Cocos- Belle Mare Indian OceanSeabed 
6607MU-FLFlacqQuatre Cocos- Belle Mare, Belle Mare Plate The Resort Indian OceanBeach 
6834MU-GPGrand PortBlue Bay, Blue Bay Indian OceanLagoon 
1191MU-GPGrand PortBlue Bay, Blue Bay (sample 1) Indian OceanBeachSand Collection - Sand from Mauritius
7433MU-GPGrand PortBlue Bay, Blue Bay (sample 2) Indian OceanBeach 
6325MU-GPGrand PortBlue Bay, Hotel Shandrani Resort & Spa, Blue Bay Indian OceanBeach 
6619MU-GPGrand PortIle des Deux Cocos (Island of the two coconuts) Indian OceanBeach 
6421MU-GPGrand PortLe Chaland, La Cambuse, La Cambuse Public Beach Indian OceanBeach 
 MU-MOMoka ----- ----- ----- 
7501MU-PAPamplemoussesArsenal (W of), Le Goulet Beach, river inflow into Indian Ocean River TombeauRiver 
7498MU-PAPamplemoussesBalaclava Indian OceanBeach 
3302MU-PAPamplemoussesBalaclava, Hotel Maritim Beach, Baie aux Tortues Indian OceanBeach 
6141MU-PAPamplemoussesBalaclava, The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa Indian OceanBeach 
6133MU-PAPamplemoussesMon Choisy, Hotel Mon Choisy, Plage Mont Choisy Indian OceanBeach 
6774MU-PAPamplemoussesMon Choisy, Plage Mont Choisy, from southern part of beach Indian OceanBeach 
2157MU-PAPamplemoussesPointe aux Canonniers, Pointe aux Canonniers Indian OceanBeachSand Collection - Sand from Mauritius
6547MU-PAPamplemoussesTrou-aux-Biches Indian OceanBeach 
6836MU-PAPamplemoussesTrou-aux-Biches Indian OceanSeabed 
 MU-PWPlaines Wilhems ----- ----- ----- 
 MU-PLPort Louis ----- ----- ----- 
2066MU-RRRivière du RempartCap Malheureux Indian OceanBeachSand Collection - Sand from Mauritius
6835MU-RRRivière du RempartCap Malheureux Indian OceanSeabed 
6748MU-RRRivière du RempartCap Malheureux, Notre Dame Aurilliatrice Chapel Indian OceanBeach 
6248MU-RRRivière du RempartGrand Baie Indian OceanBeach 
6702MU-RRRivière du RempartGrand Gaube, Hotel Legends Indian OceanBeach 
7500MU-RRRivière du RempartIsland Amber (Île D'Ambre), north tip of island Indian OceanBeach 
7388MU-RRRivière du RempartIsland Flat Indian OceanBeach 
2063MU-RRRivière du RempartIsland Gabriel (Île Gabriel) (sample 1) Indian OceanBeachSand Collection - Sand from Mauritius
7560MU-RRRivière du RempartIsland Gabriel (Île Gabriel) (sample 2) Indian OceanBeach 
6876MU-RORodriguesIsland Rodrigues (S of), Île au Chat ou Pierrot Indian OceanBeach 
4833MU-RORodriguesIsland Rodrigues (W of), Île aux Cocos Indian OceanBeach 
4829MU-RORodriguesIsland Rodrigues, Anse aux Anglais Indian OceanBeach 
4831MU-RORodriguesIsland Rodrigues, Anse aux Caves, Grand Baie Indian OceanBeach 
4830MU-RORodriguesIsland Rodrigues, Caverne Provert Indian OceanBeach 
4832MU-RORodriguesIsland Rodrigues, Mourouk, Anse Mourouk, Hotel Mourouk Ebony Indian OceanBeach 
7376MU-RORodriguesIsland Rodrigues, Petit Gravier, Gravier Beach Indian OceanBeach 
3739MU-SASavanneBel Ombre Indian OceanBeach 
* The exact information is the "place of discovery description". The coordinates are only for information and only show the possible place of discovery of the sand.