Sand sample No. 4349 from Meteorite (Moon)


Origin:Meteorite (Moon)


Dar al Gani 400 (DaG 400)

Place of discovery:

Liyba (27.3695°N 16.1988°E)

Date of Collection:



Lunar meteorite (anorthositic breccia)

Mineral compositions and Geochemistry:

The meteorite is partly covered with a brownish fusion crust, fresh surfaces are gray to dark gray, matrix is well consolidated, clasts include subophitic and fine-grained to microporphyritic impact-melt breccias, granulitic fragments, intergranularly recrystallized anorthosites, and mineral fragments. Chemical and O isotope composition is characteristic of lunar highland meteorites, abundances and composition of noble gases do not suggest a pairing with DaG 262. Type specimen and two polished sections are with the MPI, main mass with finder

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