Sand samples from Mali

(West Africa)

Republic of Mali

République du Mali / Mali ka Fasojamana

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13 Sand samples from Mali, Africa
Nr.CodeRegionPlace of discoveryWaters, mountain, desert, ...TypePic
479ML-BABamakoBamako-Sébéninkoro, war of Samory Toure against French (1840-1900) River Woyowayanko (Oueyanko)RiverSand Collection - Sand from Mali
 ML-GOGao ----- ----- ----- 
4916ML-KY-NRKayes, NioroGranat Andradit - Melanite Crystals, from mine in Nioro Region Mine 
 ML-KDKidal ----- ----- ----- 
 ML-KKKoulikoro ----- ----- ----- 
 ML-MEMénaka ----- ----- ----- 
4809ML-MO-BDMopti, BandiagaraBandiagara (40 km NE of), Gongo Inland 
4265ML-MO-BDMopti, BandiagaraGuimini Desert 
6665ML-MO-MPMopti, MoptiMopti River NigerRiver 
7316ML-MO-BDMopti, BandiagaraTirelli (near) Desert 
4266ML-SG-SGSégou, SégouSégou River NigerRiver 
1240ML-SG-TMSégou, TominianTouba (Tuba), Kariabougou Inland 
 ML-SKSikasso ----- ----- ----- 
 ML-TDTaoudénit ----- ----- ----- 
7238ML-TT-NFTimbuktu, NiafunkéNiafounké (near) Desert SaharaDesert 
5758ML-TT-TBTimbuktu, TombouctouTimbuktu (Timbuctoo) Desert SaharaDesert 
6568ML-TT-GRTimbuktu, Gourma-RharousTimbuktu (Timbuctoo) (S of) River NigerRiver 
7237ML-TT-GRTimbuktu, Gourma-RharousTimbuktu (Timbuctoo), 16.7425N 2.9952W Desert SaharaDesert 
4264ML-TT-TBTimbuktu, TombouctouTimbuktu (Timbuctoo), from dunes 1.5 km N of town Desert SaharaDesert 
* The exact information is the "place of discovery description". The coordinates are only for information and only show the possible place of discovery of the sand.