Sand samples from French Guiana

South America
(South America)
Territory of

French Guiana

Guyane Française

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15 Sand samples from French Guiana, South America
Nr.CodeRegionPlace of discoveryWaters, mountain, desert, ...TypePic
4371GF-CY-CYCayenne, CayenneCayenne, Plage de l'Institut Pasteur North Atlantic OceanBeach 
4365GF-CY-CYCayenne, CayenneCayenne, Plage de Montabo, Anse de Montabo North Atlantic OceanBeach 
5914GF-CYCayenneCentre Spatial Guyanais (CSG), Ariane 5 launch pad (ELA-3) Inland 
5916GF-CY-KRCayenne, KourouÎles du Salut, Île du Diable North Atlantic OceanBeach 
4813GF-CY-KRCayenne, KourouÎles du Salut, Île Royale, from north tip under a palm (inland sand) Inland 
1202GF-CY-KRCayenne, KourouÎles du Salut, Île Royale, Plage de la Cocoteraie North Atlantic OceanBeachSand Collection - Sand from French Guiana
3601GF-CY-KRCayenne, KourouÎles du Salut, Île St-Joseph North Atlantic OceanBeach 
954GF-CY-KRCayenne, KourouKourou, Plage de Kourou (Plage Poum Poum) (sample 1) North Atlantic OceanBeachSand Collection - Sand from French Guiana
4370GF-CY-KRCayenne, KourouKourou, Plage de Kourou (Plage Poum Poum), near Hôtel des Roches (sample 2) North Atlantic OceanBeach 
5915GF-CY-KRCayenne, KourouKourou, Plages des Roches, Hôtel des Roches North Atlantic OceanBeach 
3599GF-CY-RMCayenne, Remire-MontjolyRémire-Montjoly, Plages de Montjoly North Atlantic OceanBeach 
3609GF-SL-APSaint-Laurent-du-Maroni, ApatouApatou River Le MaroniRiver 
4367GF-SL-SASaint-Laurent-du-Maroni, SaülCrique Popote (near) Inland 
4369GF-SL-SLSaint-Laurent-du-Maroni, Saint-Laurent-du-MaroniSaint-Laurent-du-Maroni, beach near Restaurant Le Goeland River Le MaroniRiver 
4368GF-SL-AYSaint-Laurent-du-Maroni, Awala-YalimapoYalimapo-Les Hattes, near end of Road D22 North Atlantic OceanBeach 
* The exact information is the "place of discovery description". The coordinates are only for information and only show the possible place of discovery of the sand.