Sand samples from Mauritania

(West Africa)

Islamic Republic of Mauritania

al-Jumhūriyyah al-ʾIslāmiyyah al-Mūrītāniyyah

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13 Sand samples from Mauritania, Africa
Nr.CodeRegionPlace of discoveryWaters, mountain, desert, ...TypePic
6973MR-AD-ATAdrar, AtarAtar, from dunes Desert SaharaDesert 
3085MR-AD-CHAdrar, ChinguettiChinguetti-Vieille Ville Desert SaharaDesert 
7281MR-AD-CHAdrar, ChinguettiChinguetti, from dunes (sample 1) Desert SaharaDesert 
7469MR-AD-CHAdrar, ChinguettiChinguetti, from dunes (sample 2) Desert SaharaDesert 
7282MR-AD-CHAdrar, ChinguettiOuadane Desert SaharaDesert 
6913MR-AD-AOAdrar, AoujeftOujeft (near), Oasis Fa'Rouan Desert SaharaDesert 
 MR-ASAssaba ----- ----- ----- 
3880MR-BR-ALBrakna, AlegAleg Desert SaharaDesert 
7486MR-DN-NDDakhlet Nouadhibou, NouadhibouInal (small town destroyed with sand dunes), near former train station Desert SaharaDesert 
 MR-GOGorgol ----- ----- ----- 
 MR-GDGuidimaka ----- ----- ----- 
 MR-HCHodh ech Chargui ----- ----- ----- 
 MR-HGHodh el Gharbi ----- ----- ----- 
676MR-IN-AKInchiri, AkjoujtTmeïmîchât Desert SaharaDesertSand Collection - Sand from Mauritania
 MR-NNNouakchott Nord ----- ----- ----- 
6129MR-NW-SKNouakchott Ouest, SebkhaNouakchott North Atlantic OceanBeach 
 MR-NSNouakchott Sud ----- ----- ----- 
7487MR-TG-TJTagant, TidjikjaRachid, Tagant Plateau Desert SaharaDesert 
6679MR-TZ-FDTiris Zemmour, F'DérikTenoumer impact crater Desert SaharaDesert 
6130MR-TRTrarzaChoum Desert SaharaDesert 
* The exact information is the "place of discovery description". The coordinates are only for information and only show the possible place of discovery of the sand.