Sand samples from French Southern and Antarctic Lands

Territory of

Territory of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands

Territoire des Terres australes et antarctiques françaises (TAAF)

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10 Sand samples from French Southern and Antarctic Lands, Antarctica
Nr.CodeRegionPlace of discoveryWaters, mountain, desert, ...TypePic
 TF-FRAdélie Land ----- ----- ----- 
4803TF-ASAmsterdam and Saint-PaulÎle Amsterdam, Base Martin-de-Viviès Indian OceanBeach 
4804TF-ASAmsterdam and Saint-PaulÎle Amsterdam, Pointe de la Recherche Indian OceanBeach 
4801TF-CRCrozet ArchipelagoÎle de la Possession, Jardin Japonais Indian OceanBeach 
4802TF-CRCrozet ArchipelagoÎle de la Possession, Mare aux Éléphants Indian OceanBeach 
4805TF-IEÎles ÉparsesÎle Glorioso (Glorieuse) Mozambique Channel, Indian OceanBeach 
3573TF-IEÎles ÉparsesÎle Juan de Nova Mozambique Channel, Indian OceanBeach 
4806TF-IEÎles ÉparsesÎle Tromelin Indian OceanBeach 
4549TF-KGKerguelenÎle Kerguélen, Peninsula Courbet, Cap Ratmanoff, Plage Ratmanoff Indian OceanBeach 
4550TF-KGKerguelenÎle Kerguélen, Peninsula Courbet, Port aux Français, Anse des Pacha Indian OceanBeach 
4950TF-KGKerguelenÎle Kerguelen, Peninsula Jeanne d'Arc, Port Jeanne d'Arc (whaling station TAAF) Indian OceanBeach 
* The exact information is the "place of discovery description". The coordinates are only for information and only show the possible place of discovery of the sand.