Sand samples from Switzerland

(Western Europe)

Swiss Confederation

Confoederatio Helvetica

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82 Sand samples from Switzerland, Europe
Nr.CodeRegionPlace of discoveryWaters, mountain, desert, ...TypePic
492CH-AG-ZZAargau, Zurzach Kaiserstuhl (smallest city in Switzerland) River RheinRiverSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
6517CH-AI-AIAppenzell Inner Rhodes, Appenzell Inner-RhodenAppenzell River SitterRiver 
3399CH-AI-AIAppenzell Inner Rhodes, Appenzell Inner-RhodenAppenzell-Steinegg (Sonne) River SitterRiver 
3403CH-AI-AIAppenzell Inner Rhodes, Appenzell Inner-RhodenMt. Säntis, Chalbersäntis (2364 m) Mountain 
3402CH-AI-AIAppenzell Inner Rhodes, Appenzell Inner-RhodenMt. Säntis, Lisengrat (2155 m) Mountain 
3400CH-AI-AIAppenzell Inner Rhodes, Appenzell Inner-RhodenMt. Säntis, nearly from top near cable car (2491 m) Mountain 
3401CH-AI-AIAppenzell Inner Rhodes, Appenzell Inner-RhodenMt. Säntis, Rotsteinpass, near Rotsteinpass hut (2106 m) Mountain 
3398CH-AI-AIAppenzell Inner Rhodes, Appenzell Inner-RhodenSchwende-Wasserauen River SchwendibachRiver 
 CH-ARAppenzell Outer Rhodes ----- ----- ----- 
 CH-BLBasel-Landschaft ----- ----- ----- 
 CH-BSBasel-Stadt ----- ----- ----- 
1090CH-BE-BEBern, Bern Bern, after embankment dam River AareRiverSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
4469CH-BE-ILBern, Interlaken Brienz, near soccer field Lake BrienzerseeLake 
4396CH-BE-OHBern, Oberhasli Obergoms-Grimsel Passhöhe, Grimsel Pass, spoil pile at trail to Glacier Lake Oberaar Mountain 
1086CH-FR-LAFribourg, Lac Greng, Château de Greng Lac de MoratLakeSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
1091CH-GE-GEGeneva, Genève Genève (Genf), near Quai du Cheval-Blanc River l'ArveRiverSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
 CH-GLGlarus ----- ----- ----- 
2557CH-GR-PDGraubünden, Prättigau/Davos Fideris River LandquartRiverSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
1203CH-GR-IBGraubünden, Imboden Flims-Laax, Cassonsgrat, Mt. Cassons (2637 m) MountainSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
1149CH-GR-ABGraubünden, Albula Julierpass (Pass dal Güglia) (2284 m) MountainSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
700CH-GR-MSGraubünden, Moësa Mesocco-San Bernadino, summit lake of Mt. San Bernadino (eastern lakeshore) Laghetto MoesolaLakeSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
2556CH-GR-INGraubünden, Inn S-Charl, Val S-Charl National Park River ClemgiaRiverSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
5174CH-GR-MSGraubünden, Moësa San Bernardino (sample 1) River MoësaRiver 
5175CH-GR-MSGraubünden, Moësa San Bernardino (sample 2) River MoësaRiver 
1217CH-GR-MLGraubünden, Maloja Segl (Sils im Engadin) Lake Silsersee (Lej da Segl)LakeSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
5173CH-GR-HRGraubünden, Hinterrhein Splügen River HinterrheinRiver 
3932CH-GR-IBGraubünden, Imboden Tamins-Reichenau River RheinRiver 
 CH-JUJura ----- ----- ----- 
689CH-LULucerneEmmental River Kleine EmmeRiverSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
2623CH-LU-EBLucerne, Entlebuch Mt. Schrattenfluh, Alp Schlund (UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch) MountainSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
1271CH-NE-CFNeuchâtel, La Chaux-de-Fonds Le Crêt-Du-Locle, from working site at Road 20 ExcavationSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
 CH-NWNidwalden ----- ----- ----- 
 CH-OWObwalden ----- ----- ----- 
6386CH-SG-ORSankt Gallen, Oberrheintal Au, Rheinauen River RheinRiver 
3429CH-SG-SASankt Gallen, Sargans Gigerwald-St. Martin River TaminaRiver 
3430CH-SG-SASankt Gallen, Sargans Gigerwald-St. Martin River TellerbachRiver 
3433CH-SG-SASankt Gallen, Sargans Gigerwald-St. Martin River ParlitobelRiver 
3428CH-SG-SASankt Gallen, Sargans Gigerwald-St. Martin (near) River MalanserbachRiver 
3425CH-SG-SASankt Gallen, Sargans Gigerwald-St. Martin (near), Alp Sardona (E of) River Hinterer PlattenbachRiver 
3426CH-SG-SASankt Gallen, Sargans Gigerwald-St. Martin (near), Alp Sardona (E of) River Vorderer PlattenbachRiver 
3427CH-SG-SASankt Gallen, Sargans Gigerwald-St. Martin (near), S of Alp Malanser unknown riverRiver 
3424CH-SG-SASankt Gallen, Sargans Gigerwald-St. Martin (near), Vorder Ebni (W of) River TaminaRiver 
3423CH-SG-SASankt Gallen, Sargans Gigerwald-St. Martin (W of), Alp Sardona (Sardona Hütte) River TaminaRiver 
3419CH-SG-SASankt Gallen, Sargans Gigerwald-St. Martin, after river inflow of River Tamina Lake GigerwaldseeLake 
3432CH-SG-SASankt Gallen, Sargans Gigerwald-St. Martin, Stockboden, next to biggest Spruce Tree (Fichte) in the world Mountain 
3431CH-SG-SASankt Gallen, Sargans Gigerwald-St. Martin, view point of Ancapaa Chirchlilüt Mountain 
3451CH-SG-WBSankt Gallen, Werdenberg Grabs-Werdenberg Lake WerdenbergerseeLake 
3420CH-SG-SASankt Gallen, Sargans Pfäfers-Vättis River TaminaRiver 
3421CH-SG-SASankt Gallen, Sargans Pfäfers-Vättis / Pfäfers-Vadura (between) River TaminaRiver 
3422CH-SG-SASankt Gallen, Sargans Pfäfers-Vättis / Pfäfers-Vadura (between), E of Lake Mapragg Sandpit 
138CH-SG-SASankt Gallen, Sargans Walenstadt Lake WalenseeLakeSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
2888CH-SH-SHSchaffhausen, Schaffhausen Neuhausen am Rheinfall, below Waterfall Rheinfall River Rhein, Waterfall RheinfallWaterfall 
 CH-SZSchwyz ----- ----- ----- 
 CH-SOSolothurn ----- ----- ----- 
3007CH-TG-ABThurgau, Arbon Arbon Lake BodenseeLake 
5041CH-TI-BLTicino, Blenio Blenio-Pian Segno River Brenno del LucomagnoRiver 
3933CH-TI-LOTicino, Locarno Brione (Verzasca)-Motta River VerzascaRiver 
4479CH-TI-LOTicino, Locarno Brione (Verzasca), river confluence of River Verzasca and River Osura River AquinoRiver 
5979CH-TI-LOTicino, Locarno Brissago, Isole di Brissago Lago MaggioreLake 
6018CH-TI-LOTicino, Locarno Gambarogno-Magadino Lago MaggioreLake 
5035CH-TI-VMTicino, Vallemaggia Lavizzara-Cortino, river inflow into Lago del Sambuco River MaggiaRiver 
2508CH-TI-LOTicino, Locarno Locarno-Boscaccio, near Camping Ground Lago MaggioreLakeSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
4064CH-TI-BLTicino, Blenio Lukmanier Pass Mountain 
5036CH-TI-VMTicino, Vallemaggia Maggia-Lodano, below bridge River MaggiaRiver 
6067CH-TI-LOTicino, Locarno San Nazzaro Lago MaggioreLake 
 CH-URUri ----- ----- ----- 
573CH-VS-SRValais, Sierre at back of Lac de Tseuzier River Liène, from springSpringSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
2889CH-VS-RAValais, Raron Bettmeralp Lake BettmerseeLake 
2110CH-VS-GOValais, Goms Binn (E of), Binn Valley Mine LengenbachMineSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
3931CH-VS-SMValais, Saint-Maurice Le Châtelard-Frontière River L'Eau NoireRiver 
4065CH-VS-MAValais, Martigny Martigny River Le RhôneRiver 
4067CH-VS-EMValais, Entremont Orsières-Ferret River La Dranse de FerretRiver 
1263CH-VS-LEValais, Leuk Salgesch River RottenRiverSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
572CH-VS-SIValais, Sion Sion, from golf course sandpit InlandSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
4066CH-VS-MAValais, Martigny Trient River TrientRiver 
1089CH-VD-LSVaud, Lausanne Lausanne, Bellerive Beach Lac LémanLakeSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
590CH-VD-PEVaud, Pays-d'Enhaut Veytaux-Chillion, Château de Chillon Lac LémanLakeSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
2325CH-VD-YVVaud, Yverdon Yverdon-les-Bains Lac de NeuchâtelLakeSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
432CH-ZG-ZGZug, Zug Neuheim Sandpit Neuheim 1SandpitSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
1976CH-ZH-BUZurich, Bülach Eglisau River RheinRiverSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
1975CH-ZH-BUZurich, Bülach Embrach river mouth of River Itelbach into River Wildbach River ItelbachRiverSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
1973CH-ZH-BUZurich, Bülach Embrach-Oberdorf River WildbachRiverSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
1978CH-ZH-BUZurich, Bülach Glattfelden River GlattRiverSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
1974CH-ZH-BUZurich, Bülach Glattfelden-Zweidlen, river mouth of River Zweidler Graben into River Glatt River Zweidler GrabenRiverSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
1969CH-ZH-BUZurich, Bülach Höri-Oberhöri River GlattRiverSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
1987CH-ZH-BUZurich, Bülach Oberembrach River WildbachRiverSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
1988CH-ZH-BUZurich, Bülach Oberembrach-Unterwagenburg (W of) unknown streamRiverSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
1980CH-ZH-WTZurich, Winterthur Pfungen-Neu Pfungen River TössRiverSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
888CH-ZH-HGZurich, Horgen Thalwil Lake ZürichseeLakeSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
3008CH-ZH-ZHZurich, Zürich Zürich River SihlRiver 
126CH-ZH-ZHZurich, Zürich Zürich-Seefeld Lake ZürichseeLakeSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
886CH-ZH-ZHZurich, Zürich Zürich-Wollishofen Lake ZürichseeLakeSand Collection - Sand from Switzerland
* The exact information is the "place of discovery description". The coordinates are only for information and only show the possible place of discovery of the sand.